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Career Start

Career Start is Suffolk’s two-year rotational program for recent college graduates who are passionate about the opportunity to grow their career in construction management. Career Start builds the future leaders of the organization, who will redefine what is possible in the industry and change the skylines of our cities.  


The program, which accepts an incoming class each July, is made up of a national cohort across each of our regions. Career Starts complete three rotations geared at mastering the fundamentals of estimating, project management, and field operations.

Career Start Rotations


Learn the fundamentals of preconstruction by reading plans and drawings, selecting trade partners, assembling bids, and engaging with the technology and systems we use to build a project estimate. 



Work with our team and gain a deep understanding of the project manager’s role within each critical area of project management.  Gain experience with budgets and schedules, management of contractual requirements, change orders, RFIs, submittals, and the other building blocks of running a project.



Discover the technical fundamentals of building by working with superintendents at all levels and trade partners to ensure a safe, quality project is delivered on time.

Career Start Journey

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Onboarding Week 

  • Peer Partner connection

  • Week in Boston for cohort bonding, technical and leadership trainings, and culture immersion

  • Discussions with Suffolk Executives

  • Jobsite tours

  • Specific training tied to Career Start’s 1st rotation

First 90 Days

  • First rotation begins

  • One-on-One check-ins with Career Start Team begin

  • Launch of Career Start Academy, our bi-weekly technical and leadership trainings

  • Career Starts establish goals and expectations for the 1st rotation

  • Rotation specific group check-ins

Year One

  • First rotation and first Performance Review have been completed

  • Return to Boston for the Summer Summit, a 2-day personal and professional training event

  • Planning Seminar and Public Speaking trainings

Year Two 

  • Second and third rotations completed

  • Second Performance Review is received

  • Continued trainings through Career Start Academy

  • Continued 1-on-1 monthly check-ins

  • Career Starts begin career path selection process


  • Final Performance Review is delivered

  • Project placement and promotions into selected career path

  • Case Study with Suffolk’s legal team

  • Return to Boston for a 2-day training and Graduation celebration


What our Career Starts

are saying-

“The Career Start program is an excellent way to excel quickly in the construction industry. The more you put in, the more you get out. The program puts the tools for success at your fingertips.”
Zac, CS '20

“The Career Start rotations have helped develop me into a well-rounded Superintendent. Due to my time spent in Estimating and learning the PM’s role, I can better assess which subs I should push for picking up whatever work needed. Also it’s helped me learn more people around the company and build connections that I otherwise wouldn’t have.”
Chance, CS '18

“I came into the career start program knowing almost nothing about construction. After 2 years in the program, I now feel very confident in my position as I have learned so much about the different aspects of construction.”
Hannah, CS '20

“The Career Start Program was life changing. It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it.  It was an opportunity to challenge myself and thrive in a fast-paced industry where if you don’t know anything, but you are willing to put the time in, you can learn and become a leader quicker than you can imagine.”
MatthewCS '22

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